In BFIX we love that there are so many bicycles around.
Our goal is to help cyclists to take care of them.

Front page Bicycle repair stand

Bicycle Repair Stand

BFIX Public Repair Stands, including pump and a toolset, are free to use by cyclists and meant to be installed in places where there are plenty of bicycles. Design is smart and patented in EU.

Front page Bicycle smart rack

Space saving

BFIX Smart Racks are an economic way to organize parking lots and save space.

Front page Bycicle repair stand Branding

Why should you acquire BFIX products?

BFIX Repair Stand is a fantastic way to build your company’s image as a positive operator that promotes green values. It is a suitable for any organization that wants positive visibility. It is an effortless way to develop your corporate brand and to put people in a good mood.